Senior Google AdWords Account Manager – Flexible Schedule - Work From Home

Webrageous is looking for intelligent, competitive, independent, honest, self-motivated senior Google AdWords account managers with at least 3 years experience and ideally 5 or 10+ years agency experience. You will be the person both making all of the account changes and in touch with the client. Every account manager here now has 5+ years experience. Most have 10+ years experience. We only want to work with you if you are in at least the top 25% of account managers anywhere. If you don’t think you are in the top 25% of account managers you likely won’t make it past the interview process. Are you someone who is passionate about search marketing, and who is motivated to constantly look for new ways to improve an account? For the right candidate who is a PPC overachiever this is not a stressful position and you are left alone most of the time to work directly with clients. You are given ownership over your work, clients and ultimately your success. This isn’t a place where you’ll be told what to do, that’s why you need to know what to do. We do support each other when needed.The ideal candidate is competitive and hates losing clients or letting them down or leaving any stone unturned in the account. We’re looking for people with experience both in e-commerce and lead generation. If you are only good at one or strongly prefer one that’s okay. We have a particular interest at the moment in finding e-commerce candidates but are still interested in lead generation candidates also. It is important to read this entire post before applying.

This is a work from home, part-time position possibly leading to full-time. It’s ok if you only are interested in part-time. Even 5-10+ hours/week is fine for the right candidate. You can live anywhere in the world as long as you are available during the majority of the business day on the United States East Coast and West Coast. You must have a quiet office like environment with no screaming kids or barking dogs. Stay-at-home parents are encouraged to apply, as well as non-native English speaking candidates as long as they are 95% fluent in written and oral English. We typically start out candidates with one small account to make sure you are a good fit. With your first account you usually will not have client contact until you can demonstrate you can successfully manage an account. At first you will not be able to count on any support from your boss or coworkers. We want to see if you can stand on your own 2 feet. It is a sink or swim test. We are not looking for people who need training. Then we start to increase the number of accounts to a number you are comfortable with. Sometimes it’s a slow process. This allows us to make sure we have amazing people working on our accounts. If you are an amazing account manager we will find more work for you. If you are working at an agency now full-time but want to transition to working from home this could be a good way for us to get to know each other before you jump ship. Then we can both look for an opportunity to take you on full-time or something short of full-time at a later date. We are searching for a detail oriented, proactive professional with strong communication skills and a willingness to constantly improve your skill set.

If you are sure that you have what it takes and are easily in the top 25% in the industry, please send us your resume. The first part of the interview process takes about an hour and consists of an online screening test and answering several questions. If you pass that stage then you will be contacted for an online web cam interview which will take about an hour or less.

We take pride in taking care of both our employees and our clients. We are proud to say that we are picky about both. If we can’t help someone we won’t sign them up as a client. So you won’t have the revolving door of hopeless clients in the uncomfortable tap dance we see in this industry sometimes that goes along with false promises to clients you can’t help. Many of our clients sign up with a risk free 60 day trial. We need great employees who can make a big impact so that Webrageous can get paid for the risk-free trial and keep a client long term. As you know PPC account management requires someone who is very detail oriented. In the subject line of your application please include the phrase “I am interested”. One of our clients runs a luxury resort and we secured an invitation for that account manager to travel to the Bahamas with their family. Four employees were recently given a four figure credit to purchase art from one of our clients. With your first account you likely won’t have the freedom to switch it out but after that if you are not happy with a client relationship we will make every effort to move an account for you. This is not a company where deadwood comes to hang their hat and hang out. So the good news is you will find that everyone else you work with is extremely talented.

To be upfront we want to let you know about a few details you may not like so you can decide if this opportunity is right for you or not. We have a formal contract and account management policies which cover some aspects of account management. However for the most part you can manage accounts however you have learned in the past. Payment is based on an online screenshotmonitor - if you do a web search for that term you will see the software we use. It does not take a video of you, just your screen and only while you are working. Come join us!

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